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Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program


How to get a summer job and gain experience and skills in natural resource management.

How it works
You could get an 8-week summer job working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and/or an Aboriginal community or organization – for up to 3 summers in a row. Some jobs are in Ontario Parks.

do hands-on work in natural resource management
get minimum wage
get education, training and coaching
develop personal and professional skills

You are eligible if you are:
a self-identified Aboriginal (First Nation, Inuit or Métis)
a student
between 15-24 years old (up to 29 for persons with a disability)
How to apply
It’s easy to apply! For any job you’re interested in, just send a cover letter and résumé to the contact name given in the list of available positions. For the list of available positions, please click here. 

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