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Curve Lake Council donation to PRHC Foundation


Curve Lake Council donation to PRHC Foundation

Media Release – Monday August 8, 2011
Curve Lake First Nations announces $50,000 donation to the Closer to Care Campaign.
Peterborough – The Curve Lake First Nation Council today presented Julie Davis, President & CEO of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre Foundation with a $50,000 cheque for the $2.5 million Closer to Care fundraising campaign to bring cancer care closer to home.

Quote from Chief Knott
“No words can express the effort and need for diagnosis within the local area to ensure community members can receive services locally.
Cancer has affected a number of community members.
Our First Nation has a responsibility to find comfort for those families affected.
A number in the past have moved on to the spirit world. Effort needs to be taken to assist those who are in that situation now.
I take great pleasure on behalf of Chief and Council and Curve Lake community to present this contribution to PRHC Foundation.”

“We are so delighted to accept this cheque today, on behalf of hundreds of patients who, this time next year, will be able to get their radiation treatment at PRHC” said Davis. “Curve Lake First Nation has been a valued partner in supporting health services at the hospital and their contribution to this community campaign is very much appreciated.


Curve Lake background
Curve Lake community is located on a peninsula between Chemong and Buckhorn Lakes.  Curve Lake has a population of approximately 1797 members with 747 living on the First Nation.  The Health Centre houses a Family Health team of medical care professionals for the community members, and Peterborough Regional Health Centre is the local and primary centre of service treatment, rehabilitation, and medical testing.  


About the Closer to Care Campaign:

The campaign’s aim is to help increase access to treatment and improve survival rates from a disease that has now overtaken heart attack and stroke as the number one cause of death for Canadians. Last year it was estimated that 7,500 new cancer cases and 3,200 cancer deaths would occur in our region. PRHC works in partnership with R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre (DRCC), to deliver cancer care services, and has received approval from Cancer Care Ontario to locate a single radiation facility at PRHC. 

The $2.5 million campaign includes $400,000 for lab equipment and $600,000 for surgical equipment to accommodate increasing volumes of cancer patients – and $1.5 million to install the radiation treatment facility. 

For more information contact:

Brian Hamilton, General Manager     Julie Davis, President & CEO
Curve Lake First Nation                   PRHC Foundation
T: 705-657-8045                             T: (705) 876 5000
E : manager@curvelakefn.ca             E: jdavis@prhc.on.ca

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