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Economic Development Strategic Plan - Survey


In collaboration with the Economic Development Committee, MNP will be supporting the development of the Economic Development Strategy Project that will provide guidance for developing and improving all aspects of Economic Development within the community over the next decade. Curve Lake First Nation wishes to develop an economic strategic plan to map out their current and future business opportunities as well as identify internal strategic initiatives that will be supportive in moving towards greater economic sustainability. 

The plan will assist the community with capturing future economic opportunities and will provide an achievable road map that outlines initiatives best suited to assist the community with supporting business and economic activity.

The Questionnaire/Survey is a fundamental part of the economic development process and the first step in establishing a comprehensive, holistic understanding of the community.

The results will inform our strategic analysis and assist the Economic Development Committee in making fiscal decisions for short-and long-term sustainable economic, social and infrastructure development. Analysis of the completed Questionnaire will ensure that future economic development is in keeping with the community’s goals and values, while expanding awareness and understanding of the assets within the community and the internal economic development challenges it faces. Overall, the opportunity identification process promotes positive community engagement and informs leadership about members’ opinions and aspirations.

We would like to note that any unanswered questions will remain an opportunity to improve the community’s planning for the future. Unanswered questions may indicate that a community has gaps where knowledge, skills and awareness can be enhanced.

All responses will remain completely anonymous and if at any time you require clarification do not hesitate to contact an MNP team member for assistance.

To participate in the survey, please click here - the password is the first four digits from your 10 digit status number.

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:

Michael Perron, MAcc, 
CPA Leader, Aboriginal Consulting 
PHONE: 416.515.3863 
FAX: 416.596.7894 
EMAIL: michael.perron@mnp.ca

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