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Manomin Harvesting Trip for Williams Treaties First Nations


Date to be announced! 

The First Nations of the Williams Treaties are in the process of organizing a gathering of rice at the Pigeon Lake. The event is intended to educate and demonstrate the importance and sacredness of the manomin and the process of gathering.

In order to assess the availability of canoes and tools, we would like to know the interest of members in participating. Please note that participation in the rice gathering is a voluntary activity and transportation, etc. is the individual’s responsibility unless your First Nation makes alternative arrangements.


If you are interested in participating, please leave your name and contact information as well as any equipment you may have available to use on the day of the trip (canoe, paddle, ricing sticks, lifejackets, etc.) 

Heidi Whetung
Government Services Building
Curve Lake First Nation 
Tel: 705-657-8045 
Email: HeidiW@curvelake.ca 

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