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Congratulations to Jordan Whetung & Crestwood Mustangs!


Congratulations to Jordan Whetung & Crestwood Mustangs!

Way to go Jordan! All your hard-work and dedication is apparent with such a successful season, taking home 3 Championships! 

Jordan’s interest in football began in his first year of high school at Crestwood Secondary School in Grade 9. To succeed at football, it took many dedicated hours of training on the field and in the gym. 

This being Jordan’s final year at Crestwood and his last football season with the Crestwood Mustang’s brought an elevated feeling of achievement and success when the team won three championships. 

The first championship was the Kawartha’s, second was “The C.O.S.S.A. Cup” and the third championship they won, was Eastern Region  “The National Capital Bowl! 

We are so proud of you Jordan!!

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