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Call for Youth Member - Recreation Committee


Recreation Committee is seeking a Curve Lake First Nation youth member with a combination of personal attributes, knowledge/expertise and characteristics that ensure our  committee has a diversity of experiences, youth perspectives, information, connections, and skills to carry out its governing and voluntary functions for the Curve Lake First Nation Chief and Council.  The appointed member shall be from the time of approval by Council until 3 months following the next First Nation election.

Seeking 1 (One) Youth representative

The Recreation committee works in partnership with the Curve Lake First Nation Chief and Council to fulfil and promote recreational activities. 


a) Keep our youth active in sports and recreation activities;

b)  Keep our Elders healthy and active;

c)  Involve our community in recreational activities;

b)d)      Request, encourage, and acknowledge volunteers

Please have a written response into Arnold Taylor at ArnoldT@curvelake.ca  or DeborahJ@curvelake.ca  drop it off at the Administration office with your name and contact information, your demonstrated commitment and desire to participate as well as a summary of relevant knowledge, education, and/or experience unique to the responsibility of the Recreation committee member and any identification notes (eg. Availability, travel limitations, etc)

Deadline for Submissions is January 25, 2016 at 4:00 pm.

Call for Youth Member - Recreation Committee

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