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Community Volunteer Income Tax Program


The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program is going to be running again this year for Curve Lake members. 

This program is available through volunteers and the help of the Gaming Revenue Fund. The volunteers enjoy helping our seniors, families and students in filing their returns, OR they can actually do it themselves at one of the clinics. 

Clinic dates are to be determined at this time but will be posted in the near future. 

In order to keep this important initiative going we are asking community members if they would be interested in joining out team, to contact one of us at the contact information below. 

Soon there will be a locked box at the front entrance of the Government Services Building for members to drop off your information. Please put your information together in a sealed plastic bag (ziploc) or in the green file that you received last year. Make sure it is sealed so information will not fall out. 

There are two pages for you to fill out. Click here. 

We require this information to do your return for you! Please fill our the forms and make sure that you sign CVITP Taxpayer Authorization form where the X is. 

1st X is allowing the volunteers to do your return from the information that you provided. 

2nd X is allowing the volunteers to electronically file your return. 

Everything will be returned to you! 

If you are a student going to College or University, you will need to send your T2202/T2202A slip that you receive usually online from them. 

If you have any questions or want to become a volunteer, please call:
Edith Knott - 705-657-3486
Mindy Knott - 705-768-8722
Laura Coppaway - 705-657-3225

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