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Leasing Agriculture Fields at 2754 & 2758 Buckhorn Road (former Kidd Farm)


Curve Lake First Nation (CLFN)  is seeking interested parties in leasing approximately 100 acres of agriculture fields  located at 2754 & 2758 Buckhorn Rd. (Former Kidd Farm located at the corner of Curve Lake Rd & Buckhorn Rd) 

Please send your proposal in writing including at least the following  information:
Name, contact information, farming experience
Price per acre
Proposed usage 
Proof of membership within the Ontario Federation of Agriculture 
Ability to hold liability insurance 

The objective of this request for proposals is to find a farmer who will provide the best overall fit for the property. While price is a factor, other criteria will also form the basis of the selection process, so include as much information as you like.   Note: Use of inorganic fertilizers or chemical pesticides will not be permitted.  CLFN is seeking lease of land only, excluding any use of buildings or structures. Should you require any additional information, don’t hesitate to contact our office. 

Interested applicants should send their completed information by March 22nd, 2016 to:

Alison Irons-Cummings, Lands Manager
Government Services Building
22 Winookeedaa Rd.
Curve Lake First Nation, ON
K0L 1R0
Or via email: alisonic@curvelake.ca

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