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Notice - Brown Class Action in Ontario aka Sixties Scoop claim


Attention Curve Lake Members, please review the information if you have filed a claim under the Brown Class Action in Ontario also known as the "Sixties Scoop" claim.
  • You could be affected by a class action lawsuit between Marcia Brown as representative plaintiff on behalf of the Class, and the Government of Canada represented by The Attorney General of Canada.
  • A Court has approved the lawsuit as a class action on behalf of Indian children who were taken from their homes on reserves in Ontario between December 1, 1965 and December 31, 1984 and were placed in the care of non-aboriginal foster or adoptive parents who did not raise the children in accordance with the aboriginal person’s customs, traditions and practices. If you know someone who may fit this class definition and who cannot read this notice, please share this information with them.
  • The Court has not decided whether Canada did anything wrong, and the case is currently scheduled to go to trial. There is no money available now and no guarantee there will be. However, if you fit the definition for the class, your rights are affected, and you have a choice to make now
Click here for the notice

You have to decide whether to stay in the Class or whether to remove yourself before a possible trial, and you have to decide this by April 22, 2016. 

Call 1-866-360-5952 if you have any questions about how to get out of the Class.

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