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Call for Committee Member for Employee & Employer Committee


The Employee/Employer Committee is looking for a committee member...

Employee/Employer Committee Summary
The Employee/Employer Committee is a committee appointed by and under the direction of Council, established to provide general support to the management of Human Resources within the First Nation.  This committee will act as a liaison between the employer and the employees and facilitate positive working relationships within the First Nation Organization.

Mandate and Objectives:
The Employee/Employer committee has a mandate from Council to support and ensure that principles established within the Human Resource Management Manual are upheld and the professional relationship is honored.
  • Council will make the final decision on any changes to the current organizational structure and/or Policies;
  • The current level of professional services will not be compromised, and should improve;
  • The First Nation’s organization through this policy are seeking clarity and consistency in its relationship with its employees;
  • Recommendations for positive change must incorporate fiscal responsibility;
  • This committee does not have a mandate to negotiate on behalf of any or all employees of the First Nation.

Objectives, Activities and Committee Roles and Responsibilities
The objectives, activities and roles and responsibilities of the Employee/Employer Committee are to:
  • To act as a liaison between, staff and Council;
  • To implement the Employee Recognition program;
  • Provide general support to the management of Human Resources within the First Nation;
  • Facilitate positive working relationships within the First Nation Organization;
  • Report to Council on suggested recommendations for positive change;
  • Identify areas of ongoing concern.

Committee Structure and Membership
The Employee/Employer Committee will consist of:
  • Two (2) members of Council who shall be appointed by Council and who shall share in the duties of Committee Chairperson;
  • Two (2) staff representatives of Curve Lake First Nation who shall be selected by the staff;
  • One (1) Curve Lake First Nation member who shall be appointed by Council.

If you are interested in joining this committee please submit your resume or biography with a one page summary describing your philosophy regarding employee and employer relationship and how you would contribute to this committee to Abigail McCue, HR Coordinator at 705-657-8045 or by email at AbigailM@curvelake.ca.  Please contact Abigail if you have any questions or require assistance with your application.


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