Aaniin ~ Welcome - Curve Lake First Nation Territory

Native Early Childhood Education diploma program may be held in Curve Lake First Nation


The AEI will be welcoming a new cohort of students into the Native Early Childhood Education diploma program in September 2016...

Curve Lake has expressed interest in offering the NECE programming in the community in September. 

Information Package

For more info, contact
Rachel Lafferty, 
EDO - Child Development/NECE Program Coordinator
Email: rachel.lafferty@anishinabek.ca
Toll Free: 1-800-334-3330 ext 2336
Phone: 705-497-9127 ext 2336

To apply: http://www.aeipostsecondary.ca/aei-registration.asp; an application form is also attached to this email.

Funding options:

ECE Grant Assistance program: http://www.ecegrants.on.ca/ece-qualifications-upgrade-program/education-grants/

Indspire Bursaries & Scholarships: http://indspire.ca/for-students/bursaries-scholarships/

Our NECE program partner, St. Clair College offers funding options: http://www.stclaircollege.ca/financialaid/

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