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Letter to Members re: Community Meeting & Seniors Centre


November 22, 2016

Attention Members;

Council made a very difficult and emotional decision to commence closure of the Seniors Centre Residence at the council meeting on October 31, 2016.  It was for a number critical reasons, some very sensitive in nature, why we felt it necessary and responsible to make this decision.  Council has not set a date of closure.  

Since the October 31st meeting, staff have met with the resident’s families to gently convey the news, and to offer assistance and support needed for their planning to find suited alternate homes.  Council is hopeful that families will make every effort to have our people remain in the community.  

In Council’s decision it was realized that families would experience difficulty because of the health conditions that are present with the 3 full time residents and respite clients. Council has committed to continue Personal Support Worker care and assistance to them while living in Curve Lake; and should families choose, council is also committed to explore subsidy funding for the current patients and respect families decision to have their loved one reside at a long term care facility out of community, if that is the decision of the family—we need to respect their choice. Staff will assist and support families in this transition period. 

After meeting with families, Council and management met with the staff at the Seniors Centre on November 15th to provide official notice, create discussion, allow for questions, offer answers, relate expectations for transiting the residents, intended community meeting, and offer supportive personnel measures if they so require.   

A delegation of concerned members and seniors centre staff met with council during the council meeting Monday, November 21st.  Media was present while there was a peaceful and respectful protest by few community members outside the Government Services office. Council confirmed the need for the upcoming Members Meeting to provide explanations, and that communications may not have been as expected. However, Council and Management’s conscious concern was first with the residents, their families and staff, in the immediate time of decision. 

Council intends to convey clarity and facts to members for the reasons to close, however with conditional confidentiality on personnel matters that cannot be explicitly divulged.    

We have met with staff separately a second time during our council meeting November 21st.  It was further explained the reasons for closure. Council knows and understands that seniors centre staff are quite disturbed and emotional about this decision.  We share those feelings.  Council appreciates the years of service, the struggles and hardships we have endured to enable our members to be cared for in the way we have, with love, respect, honor, and care.  Council is committed to ensure we continue to work together to find solutions. 

We had every intention from the point of decision, to have a community meeting, but good timing is always a factor.  We were also very cognizant of the residents, families, and staff impacted—their emotions and disturbance to their lives. 

We are all feeling sadness in one way or another.  We all express our feelings and disappointment differently—and we all need to support one another in this difficult time.  

We ask for your kindness, respect, and mostly understanding.  Please do attend the: 

Membership Meeting
@ the Community Centre
Monday, November 28 @ 6 pm

Topic: Seniors Centre Closing 

Council and Management will provide to Curve Lake members an explanation of how/why this decision had to be made.   

And while this decision may appear untimely and unfounded without the detailed explanations available at this time, Council and management is fully committed to planning another seniors and elders facility, one that will address the various needs of our members and the growing aged population.  It will take a lot of work but together we can do it…… Council has committed that this as a high priority. 

Please plan to attend the Members Meeting on November 28th. 

Chi miigwetch, 

Chief Phyllis Williams 


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