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Seniors Centre Independent Living - Update on Developments


Update on Developments

With the impending closure of the Seniors Centre, this update is to assure the community that a new facility is being planned and the resources will be put together as quickly as possible. An estimate of the time frame to completion is approximately four or five years but please be assured that it is a priority of staff and Council.

• A proposal is being submitted to CMHC to help us with the cost of the planning and organizing of this new Elders/Seniors Facility.

• A team of community members, councillors and staff will be formed to guide the process from start to finish; a team of approximately 10-12 people will be required.

• A community meeting will be held to begin the planning process and discuss: the size or number of units that will be required, the type and level of care that will be provided, facility location, the overall cost and where to get financial assistance, and other issues.

• A workshop will be held where we hear from other communities and agencies about the facilities they have developed. Other First Nations have recently developed new centres and we can learn “best practices” from them. We can also hear from the federal and provincial governments on financial assistance they have for the building as well as the operations and ongoing costs once the new facility is built.

• The existing Committees of Council are also discussing and providing input to the process to ensure a full service facility will be built to meet future needs.

Please submit a short letter if you would like to participate on the team.

This will likely involve a meeting once per month and regular sharing of information and planning. Staff from Finance, Housing, Health & Family Services and Economic Development will be part of the team.

The community meetings and workshops will be held in January/February and will continue throughout the year as progress is made.

The process does take time and will require site plans, environmental studies, financing plans, operating plans, design and construction plans and finally construction.

Comments or questions are welcomed.

Ken Jacobs, 705-657-8045 or email: KenJ@curvelake.ca

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