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Flood Warning in effect for Trent Severn Waterway - Pigeon, Chemong and Buckhorn Lakes


Flood Warning Update – Be Prepared
By ORCA | Published: MAY 5, 2017
Otonabee Conservation has issued a Flood Warning Update for all watercourses and waterbodies within the Otonabee Region watershed. The information provided in this Flood Warning Update is based on observations of Otonabee Conservation combined with input from our partners, including Environment and Climate Change Canada, Water Survey of Canada, Parks Canada – Ontario Waterways Unit, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and municipal Community Emergency Management Co-ordinators

Current watershed conditions, combined with the latest weather forecast, suggest that water levels on the Kawartha Lakes (Buckhorn, Chemong, Pigeon, Lower Buckhorn, Lovesick, Stony, Clear and Katchewanooka Lakes) could experience unprecedented heights in the coming days. Therefore, residents on these lakes are advised to prepare now by taking appropriate steps to protect themselves, their family members, their pets and their personal property. In particular, the following known historical flood-vulnerable areas are advised to take heed of this flood warning (note that this is not an exhaustive list):

Lake Name Location Municipality Location Description
Pigeon Selwyn Kingfisher Drive
Pigeon Selwyn Fothergill Drive
Buckhorn Selwyn Rabbit Run Road
Buckhorn Selwyn Shannon Drive
Buckhorn Selwyn Duffus Drive
Buckhorn Selwyn Roger Place
Buckhorn Selwyn Emerald Isle
Buckhorn Selwyn Greenwood Island
Buckhorn Selwyn Fire Route 19
Lower Buckhorn Selwyn Fire Route 22 / 23
Lower Buckhorn Selwyn Fire Route 25a
Lower Buckhorn Selwyn Victoria Springs
Lower Buckhorn Selwyn Deer Bay
Chemung Selwyn Newforest Drive
Chemung Selwyn Gifford Causeway
Chemung Selwyn Gifford Drive
Chemung Selwyn Pinehurst Ave
Chemung Selwyn Selwyn Shores Drive
Chemung Selwyn Upper Chemung Drive
Chemung Selwyn Fire Route 14b
Lovesick Selwyn Spring Lane N
Clear Selwyn Ayotte’s Point Lane
Clear Selwyn Youngs Point
Clear Douro – Dummer South Beach Rd
Clear Douro – Dummer Monroe Island Area
Clear Douro – Dummer Salmon Bay Rd
Katchewanooka Selwyn Fire Route 55
Katchewanooka Douro – Dummer Englewood Lane
Stony Selwyn Rock Crossway Lane
Stony Douro – Dummer Juniper Island
Stony Douro – Dummer McCracken’s Landing
Stony Douro – Dummer Hawkins Line
Stony Douro – Dummer Moore Island
Stony Douro – Dummer Gilchrist Bay
Stony Douro – Dummer Gibson Island
Stony Douro – Dummer Puffers Shore Road
Stony Douro – Dummer South Bay Shore Rd
Stony Douro – Dummer Fire Route 31
In addition, the Otonabee Conservation advises that the Otonabee River may also experience unprecedented water levels / flows as a result of current watershed conditions, combined with the up-dated weather forecast. Therefore, residents located in historically flood-prone areas are hereby advised to take appropriate steps to protect themselves, their family members, their pets and their personal property ahead of the rising waters. In particular, the following known flood-vulnerable areas are advised to take heed of this flood warning: Cambelltown; Rosa Landing Road; Bensfort Bridge area; Jones Road; Deyell Road; Seven Oaks Drive; Wallace Point area; Cedar Bank Road; Green Acres Road; and, Willow Road / Matchett Line area (note that this is not an exhaustive list).

As the Kawartha Lakes and Otonabee River rise, there may also be backwater and/or tailwater conditions that cause flooding on the tributaries to these waterbodies / watercourses including, but are not limited to, Ray’s, Sawer, Jackson, Meade, Byersville, Riverview, Tompson, Bears, Cavan, Baxter and Squirrel Creeks.

Furthermore, throughout the remainder of the Otonabee Region watershed, significant pooling / ponding can be expected in low lying areas where there is poor drainage. As well, local rivers (Indian and Ouse Rivers) and creeks, which are already flowing at rates well-above normal, will continue to experience very high flows, and may even exceed their normal confines in those areas of low sidewalls / banks.  Hence, area residents located in historical flood-vulnerable areas are advised to prepare.

Also, area residents, as well as visitors to the area, are advised to observe caution around all waterbodies and watercourses because area lakes, rivers, streams and creeks pose a serious danger due to high levels, very fast flows and extremely cold water temperatures. Dams, culverts and other water control / water conveyance structures are to be avoided at all times.

This FLOOD WARNING will be up-dated no later than Monday, May 08 at 3 pm.

This message is also available on the Flood Watch Hotline at 705-745-5791, ext.228.

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