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Flood Warning Update - May 10th, 2017 by Otonabee Conservation Authority


Flood Warning Update for May 10th
By ORCA | Published: MAY 10, 2017
Otonabee Conservation advises that the Flood Warning remains in effect for the Otonabee Region watershed and provides an update on the situation.

A FLOOD WARNING is issued when flooding is imminent or occurring. The information contained in this FLOOD WARNING UPDATE is based on observations of Otonabee Conservation combined with input from our partners, including Environment and Climate Change Canada, Water Survey of Canada, Parks Canada – Ontario Waterways Unit, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and municipal Community Emergency Management Co-ordinators (for details, see text below).



Today, a High Pressure system continues to dominate the region, and will continue to bring warm and dry weather tomorrow, as well. On Friday, this will be replaced by a Low Pressure system which will bring to the region some precipitation and cooler weather. However, the expected precipitation for both our region and the region to the north of the Kawartha Lakes is only nominal. That is, on Friday, May 12, the region south and north of the Kawartha Lakes is expected to receive less than 5 millimetres in the form of rain showers, and the same is expected on Saturday. Sunday will see a little more shower activity, but nonetheless, the total amount of rain received on Sunday is expected to be less than 10 millimetres. On Monday, May 15, the Low Pressure system will leave our region, and therefore, there will be a return to warmer and drier conditions.



Currently, the small water courses in the area are coming down. This includes the tributaries to the Indian and Ouse Rivers, as well as the tributaries to the Otonabee River including, but not limited to, Ray’s, Sawer, Jackson, Meade, Byersville, Riverview, Tompson, Bears, Cavan, Baxter and Squirrel Creeks. These small streams and creeks will continue their downward trend throughout the coming days. The rainfall expected this weekend is not likely to reverse the downward trend in water levels / flows of small streams and creeks in the area.



Water levels on Lower Buckhorn and Lovesick Lakes did not rise or decline yesterday, and are expected to remain steady today, as well. The Tri-Lakes (Buckhorn, Chemong and Pigeon Lakes) climbed 2 centimeters yesterday, and are expected to climb another 2 centimeters today. Stony, Clear and Katchewanooka Lakes rose 6 centimeters yesterday, and will rise during the next 24 hours at about the same rate as observed during the past 24 hours.



As a result of continued rising waters on Stony, Clear and Katchewanooka Lakes, water levels / flows on the Otonabee River continue to increase. In the past 24 hours, the water levels on the river, below Lock#19, rose 4 centimeters to 189.10 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.). Today, water levels are expected to continue rising at the same rate as yesterday. That is, the Otonabee River is expected to rise another 4 centimeters during the next 24 hours, at which time the water levels will rival those maximum highs experienced in the past decade and a half of spring flooding events, but will still be 46 centimeters below the all-time high.


RICE LAKE and TRENT RIVER (to Hastings)

Rice Lake continues to rise in response to the large volumes of water flow out of the Kawartha Lakes via the Otonabee River. Rice Lake rose about 3 centimeters yesterday, and therefore, is expected to rise another 3 centimeters during the next 24 hours.

Water levels / flows on the Trent River (to Hastings) are continuing to rise in accordance with rising water levels on Rice Lake.



Owing to their higher than normal levels / flows and the cold water temperatures, all of the above-noted lakes, rivers, streams and creeks continue to pose a serious danger. Area residents are, therefore, advised to observe caution around all area waterbodies and watercourses.

Furthermore, throughout the geographical jurisdiction of the ORCA, significant pooling / ponding has occurred in low lying areas where there is poor drainage. Also, wetlands have swelled to the point of covering roads in some areas. Area residents are, therefore, advised to obey all road closure signs, and never drive through flooded areas.

In addition, dams, culverts and other water control / water conveyance structures are to be avoided at all times.

To report a flood in your area, call the Flood Watch Hotline – 705-745-5791, ext. 228, or e-mail: orcafloodduty@otonabee.com.

If you experience a flood emergency, call 911 immediately.

This FLOOD WARNING will again be up-dated no later than THURSDAY, MAY 11th at 3 pm.

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