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Mississauga Youth Gathering


Mississauga Youth Gathering was a great start to empowering our Youth about our culture and the historic events that have shaped our lives as well as our connections between our Mississauga First Nations. The event was open to all Mississauga Youth of the Williams Treaties (Alderville, Curve Lake, Hiawatha and Scugog) to participate in, there were 63 Youth in attendance with representation from all four First Nations with the majority residing from Curve Lake First Nation. There were 4 local First Nation speakers that presented information to the Youth on wampum belts and traditional treaties along with more recent Treaties like the 1818 Treaty and the Williams Treaties. Other topics that were discussed were teachings around respect and how our members continually adapted to practices their traditional harvesting and gathering after the 1923 Williams Treaties were signed.

Door Prize Winners
Chochi Knott - XBOX 360 and Kinect Bundle
Meshen Nakogee - IPOD TOUCH 64 GB
Donna Jacobs - 42 LCD HDTV

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