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Health Canada Recalls - Nov 2013


Health Canada Recalls

The following food alerts and/or consumer product safety recalls have been issued:
  1. Bella Travola Brand Pasta - contains milk product
  2. Forever Health Brand Imitation Ham - may contain wheat
  3. Minuet Brand Snack Products - may contain milk/eggs products
  4. Betty Crocker Cordless Electric Jug Kettle
  5. Tiffany Brand Strawberry Banana Sandwich Cookies - may contain milk
  6. Asian Chocolate Brand Golbon Hazelnuts - may contain gluten
  7. Orange Blossum Farm Hot Dog Relish- may contain dangerous bacteria
Healthy Canadians Website - Recalls and Alerts

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Website - Food Recall Warnings

If you have any questions or would like more information, please click on the website links above or contact:

WshkiiGomaang MnoBmaadziwin Gamiing
(Health Centre)
38 Whetung Street East,
Curve Lake, Ontario K0L1R0
Phone: 705-657-2557
Fax: 705-657-3607

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