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Welding Techniques - Training to Employment Skills Development Opportunity


Welding Techniques

A unique training to employment skills development opportunity. Qualified welders are in demand and welding skills are transferable across several industries. 

This two year training to employment project includes:
  • paid workplace experience, similar to an apprenticeship
  • Plus full-time study in Fleming College Welding Techniques Ontario College Certificate Program
  • Opportunities for employment through Alderville First Nation Solar Farm 
Courses will take place in Alderville First Nation. 

Tuition is FREE for those who are accepted into the program. Aboriginal people who are unemployed or underemployed are encouraged to call for more information. Limited spots are available.

Deadline to apply is December 22nd, 2013.


Application Form 

For more information, please call Keri at the Alderville Learning Centre - 905-352-2793

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