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The Curve Lake First Nation Social Services Department provides programs through the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Health and is cost shared with those ministries Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development under the Federal and Provincial 1965 Welfare Agreement.

The main goal is to provide financial and employment assistance to members in need in a safe and supportive environment.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Noreen Conway
Social Services Administrator
Social Services
Curve Lake First Nation
Phone: 705-657-8045
Fax: 705-657-8509
Email: NoreenC@curvelake.ca


Ontario Works (OW)

The OW program is a Provincial Government regulated program which provides financial and employment assistance to people in financial need. The Rates, the Acts and the Regulations are consistent across Ontario whether one applies on a First Nation, a city or a municipality. A Provincial Review Officer (PRO) conducts random file reviews, Subsidy Claims Examinations and Cost of Administration Claims Examinations to ensure that we abide by the *Ontario Works* Acts and Regulations. Anyone who is in financial need and resides on Curve Lake First Nation Territory has the right to have an application taken for Ontario Works Assistance. Eligibility is determined after the completion of a Financial Needs Test.

Mandatory OW Benefits

Financial assistance is provided according to a provincial rate schedule and depends on family size. There is an amount for food (basic needs) and an amount for shelter such as mortgage, rent, hydro and house insurance. Ontario Works Legislation requires that those receiving Ontario Works assistance actively participate in employment activities which includes an agreed upon plan to support them in their employment goals. There are certain circumstances in which those receiving assistance may be temporarily deferred from these requirements. Drug cards, medical transportation, dental and vision costs for children, diabetic and surgical supplies are also mandatory items. A Special Diet Allowance may also be available. The denial of any mandatory benefit is appealable. Clients are informed of their rights and responsibilities at the time of application.

Ontario Discretionary Benefits

Discretionary Benefits are available for extraordinary items for people who are receiving Ontario Works Mandatory Benefits and Ontario Disability Support. Items can include, but are not limited to, emergency home repairs, emergency dental and vision care for adults and funeral and burials. Funding is limited in this category and the issuance, or not, is not appealable.

Transitional Support Fund

The Provincial government has provided a limited Fund to assist with items that were covered under the Community Start Up & Maintenance Benefit. Ontario Works, ODSP and low income families can apply for funds under this benefit to assist with disconnects, evictions, and other emergency situations.

Homemakers and Nurses Services Program

The Social Services Administrator is responsible for the Needs Testing and approval of who receives Homemaker services as well as the completion of the Subsidy Claims for monthly reimbursement of costs. The Senior Citizen Centre staff determined units of service, scheduling of homemaker staff, payroll and direct supervision of the homemakers. The payroll information is provided to the Social Services (Ontario Works) Administrator who ensures that the information is correctly transmitted to the Subsidy Claims and forwarded to the Ministry of Health.

National Child Benefit Program

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development provide funds to the Ontario Works office through a program called the National Child Benefit Program to assist with child poverty. An application must be completed each year in order to access these funds. With these funds, contributions are made to the following programs: Curve Lake Food Bank, Fresh Produce Program in Curve Lake, Breakfast Program at Lakefield Ridpath School, Hot Lunch Program at Curve Lake School, Snack Program at Lakefield Secondary School, summer employment for students of low-income families, Curve Lake Employment Program for Home-to-Work transitions for low-income clients and to the Curve Lake Library for Cultural Activities.