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Curve Lake First Nation embraces the role of its youth and their pursuit in recreational activities. While Youth Committee and Recreation program function separately, the goals and objectives of each are quite similar in nature. Curve Lake First Nation is able to provide opportunities not only for youth, but for all members to gain experience in leadership and independence, while accessing the tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle through recreational activities.

Recreation Committee

The Recreation program aims to facilitate multi-generational recreational opportunities in the areas of sports, appreciation of our natural environment and the arts. The Recreation staff oversee Curve Lake’s recreational resources insuring that members have full access and take full advantage of our activities and programs.

The Recreation staff manage various programs and 3 incentives to help offset the cost of recreational and extracurricular activities for Curve Lake members. For a copies of the application form and guidelines for the recreation incentive and recreational activities initiative fund, please documents section below.

1. Recreation Incentive:

  • A funding incentive designed to help offset the cost of extra-curricular activities throughout the year.
  • Specifically for youth, up to the age of 18.

2. Youth Activities Initiative Fund

  • Designed to assist all Curve Lake First Nation Status members up to the age of 18 (25 years of age if a student) residing on or off reserve in their pursuit of elite or rep sports, cultural, arts and educational activities. It has been developed in conjunction with the Recreation staff and the Gaming Revenue Fund.

3. Secondary School Extracurricular Activities

  • The program is to assist the students in extracurricular activities at local secondary schools.

Mindy Knott
Community Aboriginal Recreation Activator
Curve Lake First Nation
Phone: 705-657-3432
Email: MindyK@curvelake.ca

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee members are known for being leaders who act as positive role models within the Curve Lake First Nation. By volunteering their time to help their community, they show others the benefits of helping others. Activities such as holding a fundraiser or organizing an event, they are giving members the opportunity not only to provide a well needed service to the community but also to demonstrate positive leadership skills and make a difference without asking for anything in return.


  • Share ideas about the needs of local youth and identify those to Chief and Council;
  • Bring young people together in a supportive and sharing way to be a collective voice for youth;
  • Advocate for programs, activities and services that best meet the needs of community youth;
  • Provide opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills;
  • Get youth involved in decisions affecting their future

The Youth Council is comprised of eleven (11) members of Curve Lake First Nation between the ages of 15-25.

Councillor Deborah Jacobs
Portfolio Holder
Youth Committee
Curve Lake First Nation
Phone: 705-957-2219
Email: DeborahJ@curvelake.ca

Councillor Arnold Taylor
Portfolio Holder
Youth Committee
Curve Lake First Nation
Phone: 705-760-6730
Email: ArnoldT@curvelake.ca