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Cultural Center

Cultural Centres play an important role in representing cultural heritage by preserving objects and related information by providing access to these through exhibitions, public programs, publications, and research resources. Objects bear witness to history and play a significant role in the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of cultural heritage and identity. Curve Lake’s culture is very unique and although it shares many cultural characteristics of the Anishnaabe people of the world, there is distinctness to Curve Lake that is worth preserving.

Step into history at the Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre and immerse yourself in the diverse culture of Curve Lake First Nation, with artifacts and unique exhibits we will take you into a world of storytelling, art, history and ceremony.

Mission Statement

To increase access to education in the visual and performing arts, culture and humanities for Curve Lake Residents of all ages with specific concentration on youth development and professional growth.

The Cultural Centre serves as a focal point for the community and visitors to the area interested in local and regional First Nations culture and the arts by offering instruction, entertainment and exhibition on a cost recovery basis.


Curve Lake Cultural Centre
1024 Mississauga Street
Curve Lake, Ontario K0L1R0
Phone: 705-657-2758
Fax: 705-657-3413
Website: www.curvelakeculturalcentre.ca

Cultural Centre Programs and Services

Elders Advisory Committee

Elders Advisory Committee assists the Cultural Centre to reinforce, protect, guide and share ceremony, traditions, TEK teachings and the Anishinaabe history through workshops. The Elders Advisory Committee also assists in the development of positive goals and values on which to build a successful centre, to ensure and to enhance what the Cultural Centre embodies as the guidelines of the Seven Grandfather Teachings; Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Truth, and Humility.

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness workshops are provided by the Cultural Centre to highlight our unique culture and ensure that the accurate information is available, to enlighten the fear that we are unapproachable and that we will work together to ensure fair representation.


The Cultural Centre offers a wide variety of programming for educational and tourism purposes. From School Tours, to culturally appropriate workshops (which include craft work, beadwork, leatherwork, etc.), to outreach programs outside of the community, there is something here for everyone.

Collections and Exhibits

Cultural Center

Our collections are a valuable source of material and information for education, management and understanding of cultural heritage of the Anishnaabe people of Curve Lake First Nation. An essential part of the mission of the Curve Lake Cultural Centre is to make the objects and associated information available to the widest possible audience.

The Cultural Centre is committed to providing information about, and access to, the collections to the public. The collections are maintained and expanded to support, promote and encourage their use and usefulness.


The Curve Lake Cultural Centre maintains collections which serve to document, preserve and assist the description of cultural diversity among Anishnaabe people in this region. The collections represent a vast store of potential knowledge. Our Cultural Archivist works diligently to ensure that all artifacts and documentation is accurate and reflects the Culture of Curve Lake First Nation and its members.

In addition to providing expertise to the Curve Lake community, we also provide services to outside organizations to enhance culturally appropriate programming within the region.

Anne Taylor
Cultural Archivist
Cultural Centre
Curve Lake First Nation
Phone: 705-657-2758
Fax: 705-657-3413
Email: AnneT@curvelake.ca

Tracey Taylor
Cultural Outreach Coordinator
Cultural Centre
Curve Lake First Nation
Phone: 705-657-2758
Fax: 705-657-3413
Email: TraceyT@curvelake.ca